Real-time Safe Interval Path Planning


  • Devin Wild Thomas University of New Hampshire
  • Wheeler Ruml University of New Hampshire
  • Solomon Eyal Shimony Ben-Gurion University



Navigation among dynamic obstacles is a fundamental task in robotics that has been modeled in various ways. In Safe Interval Path Planning, location is discretized to a grid, time is continuous, future trajectories of obstacles are assumed known, and planning takes place offline. In this work, we define the Real-time Safe Interval Path Planning problem setting, in which the agent plans online and must issue its next action within a strict time bound. Unlike in classical real-time heuristic search, the cost-to-go in Real-time Safe Interval Path Planning is a function of time rather than a scalar. We present several algorithms for this setting and prove that they learn admissible heuristics. Empirical evaluation shows that the new methods perform better than classical approaches under a variety of conditions.