Reducing Redundant Work in Jump Point Search


  • Shizhe Zhao Monash
  • Daniel Harabor Monash University
  • Peter J. Stuckey Monash University



Search In Goal-directed Problem Solving, Symmetry Handling, Analysis Of Search Algorithms, Bounding And Pruning Techniques


JPS (Jump Point Search) is a state-of-the-art optimal algorithm for online grid-based pathfinding. Widely used in games and other navigation scenarios, JPS nevertheless can exhibit pathological behaviours which are not well studied: (i) it may repeatedly scan the same area of the map to find successors; (ii) it may generate and expand suboptimal search nodes. In this work, we examine the source of these pathological behaviours, show how they can occur in practice, and propose a purely online approach, called Constrained JPS (CJPS), to tackle them efficiently. Experimental results show that CJPS has low overheads and is often faster than JPS in dynamically changing grid environments: by up to 7x in large game maps and up to 14x in pathological scenarios.