Tube2Vec: Social and Semantic Embeddings of YouTube Channels


  • Léopaul Boesinger EPFL
  • Manoel Horta Ribeiro EPFL
  • Veniamin Veselovsky EPFL
  • Robert West EPFL



Research using YouTube data often explores social and semantic dimensions of channels and videos. Typically, analyses rely on laborious manual annotation of content and content creators, often found by low-recall methods such as keyword search. Here, we explore an alternative approach, Tube2Vec, using latent representations (embeddings) obtained via machine learning. Using a large dataset of YouTube links shared on Reddit; we create embeddings that capture social sharing behavior, video metadata (title, description, etc.), and YouTube's video recommendations. We evaluate these embeddings using crowdsourcing and existing datasets, finding that recommendation embeddings excel at capturing both social and semantic dimensions, although social-sharing embeddings better correlate with existing partisan scores. We share embeddings capturing the social and semantic dimensions of 44,000 YouTube channels for the benefit of future research on YouTube.




How to Cite

Boesinger, L., Horta Ribeiro, M., Veselovsky, V., & West, R. (2024). Tube2Vec: Social and Semantic Embeddings of YouTube Channels. Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, 18(1), 2084-2090.