Keeping Up with the Winner! Targeted Advertisement to Communities in Social Networks


  • Shailaja Mallick North Carolina State University
  • Vishwaraj Doshi Data Science & Advanced Analytics IQVIA Inc.
  • Do Young Eun North Carolina State University



When a new product enters a market already dominated by an existing product, will it survive along with this dominant product? Most of the existing works have shown the coexistence of two competing products spreading/being adopted on overlaid graphs with same set of users. However, when it comes to the survival of a weaker product on the same graph, it has been established that the stronger one dominates the market and wipes out the other. This paper makes a step towards narrowing this gap so that a new/weaker product can also survive along with its competitor with a positive market share. Specifically, we identify a locally optimal set of users to induce a community that is targeted with advertisement by the product launching company under a given budget constraint. To this end, we model the system as competing Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible (SIS) epidemics and employ perturbation techniques to quantify and attain a positive market share in a cost-efficient manner. Our extensive simulation results with real-world graph dataset show that with our choice of target users, a new product can establish itself with positive market share, which otherwise would be dominated and eventually wiped out of the competitive market under the same budget constraint.




How to Cite

Mallick, S., Doshi, V., & Eun, D. Y. (2024). Keeping Up with the Winner! Targeted Advertisement to Communities in Social Networks. Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, 18(1), 1013-1026.