Thematic and Social Indicators for Flickr Groups


  • Christophe Prieur University Paris-Diderot
  • Nicolas Pissard TECH/SENSE
  • Jean-Samuel Beuscart TECH/SENSE
  • Dominique Cardon TECH/SENSE
  • Pascal Pons University Paris-Diderot


We study here Flickr groups in order to see whether they are actual communities or rather essentially thematic clusters. We describe a methodological framework for the analysis of networks of group members, measuring social density and tag dispersion among groups and give some results on a sample of 450 groups having around 500 members each.




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Prieur, C., Pissard, N., Beuscart, J.-S., Cardon, D., & Pons, P. (2021). Thematic and Social Indicators for Flickr Groups. Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, 2(1), 214-215. Retrieved from