Great Question! Question Quality in Community Q&A


  • Sujith Ravi Google Inc.
  • Bo Pang Google Inc.
  • Vibhor Rastogi Twitter
  • Ravi Kumar Google Inc.



question quality, question-answering, topic models, quality prediction


Asking the right question in the right way is an art (and a science). In a community question-answering setting, a good question is not just one that is found to be useful by other people: a question is good if it is also presented clearly and shows prior research.  Using a community question-answering site that allows voting over the questions, we show that there is a notion of question quality that goes beyond mere popularity. We present techniques using latent topic models to automatically predict the quality of questions based on their content. Our best system achieves a prediction accuracy of 72%, beating out strong baselines by a significant amount. We also examine the effect of  question quality on the dynamics of user behavior and the longevity of questions.





How to Cite

Ravi, S., Pang, B., Rastogi, V., & Kumar, R. (2014). Great Question! Question Quality in Community Q&A. Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, 8(1), 426-435.