Attentio Brand Maps


  • Frizo Janssens Attentio SA/NV



online market intelligence, social media monitoring


Attentio Brand Maps (patent pending) automatically measure and visualise the evolution of perceived associations or relatedness between "entities" and "topics". Entities can be brands, products, organisations, people, etc., while topics can be, for example, events or features. Attentio Brand Maps (ABMs) can be generated for any type of textual data having a temporal aspect (timestamps): blogs, forums, news, scientific articles, patent collections, corporate data, etc. The result is a temporal visualisation of large-scale data sets, facilitating human pattern detection. Part of the commercial value of ABMs lies in the possibility to identify brands and topics that are discussed online together, as well as their evolution, and to identify why certain brands and topics are related.




How to Cite

Janssens, F. (2009). Attentio Brand Maps. Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, 3(1), 363-364.