Artificial Swarm Intelligence, a Human-in-the-Loop Approach to A.I.


  • Louis Rosenberg Unanimous A.I.



Artificial Swarm Intelligence, A.I., HCI, Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Collective Intelligence


Most research into Swarm Intelligence explores swarms of autonomous robots or simulated agents. Little work, however, has been done on swarms of networked humans. This paper introduces UNU, an online platform that enables networked users to assemble in real-time swarms and tackle problems as an Artificial Swarm Intelligence (ASI). Modeled after biological swarms, UNU enables large groups of networked users to work together in real-time synchrony, forging a unified dynamic system that can quickly answer questions and make decisions. Early testing suggests that human swarming has significant potential for harnessing the Collective Intelligence (CI) of online groups, often exceeding the natural abilities of individual participants.




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Rosenberg, L. (2016). Artificial Swarm Intelligence, a Human-in-the-Loop Approach to A.I. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 30(1).