Interactive Narrative Planning in The Best Laid Plans


  • Stephen Ware University of New Orleans
  • R. Young North Carolina State University
  • Christian Stith Clemson University
  • Phillip Wright North Carolina State University



computational models of narrative, narrative planning, interactive narrative, intentional planning, conflict, narrative, planning


The Best Laid Plans is an interactive narrative video game that uses cognitive-inspired fast planning techniques to generate stories with conflict during play. Players alternate between acting out a plan and seeing that plan thwarted by non-player characters. The Glaive narrative planner combines causal-link-based computational models of narrative with the speed of fast heuristic search techniques to adapt the story each time the player attempts a new plan.




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Ware, S., Young, R., Stith, C., & Wright, P. (2015). Interactive Narrative Planning in The Best Laid Plans. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 29(1).