Trust Models for RDF Data: Semantics and Complexity


  • Valeria Fionda University of Calabria
  • Gianluigi Greco University of Calabria



RDF reasoning, entailment, trust, islands of tractability


Due to the openness and decentralization of the Web, mechanisms to represent and reason about the reliability of RDF data become essential. This paper embarks on a formal analysis of RDF data enriched with trust information by focusing on the characterization of its model-theoretic semantics and on the study of relevant reasoning problems. The impact of trust values on the computational complexity of well-known concepts related to the entailment of RDF graphs is studied. In particular, islands of tractability are identified for classes of acyclic and nearly-acyclic graphs. Moreover, an implementation of the framework and an experimental evaluation on real data are discussed.




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Fionda, V., & Greco, G. (2015). Trust Models for RDF Data: Semantics and Complexity. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 29(1).