Semantical Clustering of Morphologically Related Chinese Words


  • Chia-Ling Lee National Taiwan University
  • Ya-Ning Chang Academia Sinica
  • Chao-Lin Liu National Chengchi University
  • Chia-Ying Lee Academia Sinica
  • Jane Yung-jen Hsu National Taiwan University



Chinese compounds, semantic clustering, morphology


A Chinese character embedded in different compound words may carry different meanings. In this paper, we aim at semantical clustering of a given family of morphologically related Chinese words. In Experiment 1, we employed linguistic features at the word, syntactic, semantic, and contextual levels in aggregated computational linguistics methods to handle the clustering task. In Experiment 2, we recruited adults and children to perform the clustering task. Experimental results indicate that our computational model achieved a similar level of performance as children.




How to Cite

Lee, C.-L., Chang, Y.-N., Liu, C.-L., Lee, C.-Y., & Hsu, J. Y.- jen. (2014). Semantical Clustering of Morphologically Related Chinese Words. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 28(1).