How Do Your Friends on Social Media Disclose Your Emotions?


  • Yang Yang Tsinghua University
  • Jia Jia Tsinghua University
  • Shumei Zhang Tsinghua University
  • Boya Wu Tsinghua University
  • Qicong Chen Tsinghua University
  • Juanzi Li Tsinghua University
  • Chunxiao Xing Tsinghua University
  • Jie Tang Tsinghua University



emotion inference, images and comments, generative model


Extracting emotions from images has attracted much interest, in particular with the rapid development of social networks. The emotional impact is very important for understanding the intrinsic meanings of images. Despite many studies having been done, most existing methods focus on image content, but ignore the emotion of the user who published the image. One interesting question is: How does social effect correlate with the emotion expressed in an image? Specifically, can we leverage friends interactions (e.g., discussions) related to an image to help extract the emotions? In this paper, we formally formalize the problem and propose a novel emotion learning method by jointly modeling images posted by social users and comments added by their friends. One advantage of the model is that it can distinguish those comments that are closely related to the emotion expression for an image from the other irrelevant ones. Experiments on an open Flickr dataset show that the proposed model can significantly improve (+37.4% by F1) the accuracy for inferring user emotions. More interestingly, we found that half of the improvements are due to interactions between 1.0% of the closest friends.




How to Cite

Yang, Y., Jia, J., Zhang, S., Wu, B., Chen, Q., Li, J., Xing, C., & Tang, J. (2014). How Do Your Friends on Social Media Disclose Your Emotions?. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 28(1).