Conjunctive Query Inseparability of OWL 2 QL TBoxes


  • Boris Konev University of Liverpool
  • Roman Kontchakov Birkbeck College London
  • Michel Ludwig University of Liverpool
  • Thomas Schneider University of Bremen
  • Frank Wolter University of Liverpool
  • Michael Zakharyaschev Birkbeck College London


The OWL 2 profile OWL 2 QL, based on the DL-Lite family of description logics, is emerging as a major language for developing new ontologies and approximating the existing ones. Its main application is ontology-based data access, where ontologies are used to provide background knowledge for answering queries over data. We investigate the corresponding notion of query inseparability (or equivalence) for OWL 2 QL ontologies and show that deciding query inseparability is PSPACE-hard and in EXPTIME. We give polynomial time (incomplete) algorithms and demonstrate by experiments that they can be used for practical module extraction.




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Konev, B., Kontchakov, R., Ludwig, M., Schneider, T., Wolter, F., & Zakharyaschev, M. (2011). Conjunctive Query Inseparability of OWL 2 QL TBoxes. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 25(1), 221-226. Retrieved from



AAAI Technical Track: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning