Focusing on Detail: Deep Hashing Based on Multiple Region Details (Student Abstract)


  • Quan Zhou Shandong University
  • Xiushan Nie Shandong Jianzhu University
  • Yang Shi Shandong University
  • Xingbo Liu Shandong University
  • Yilong Yin Shandong University



Fast retrieval efficiency and high performance hashing, which aims to convert multimedia data into a set of short binary codes while preserving the similarity of the original data, has been widely studied in recent years. Majority of the existing deep supervised hashing methods only utilize the semantics of a whole image in learning hash codes, but ignore the local image details, which are important in hash learning. To fully utilize the detailed information, we propose a novel deep multi-region hashing (DMRH), which learns hash codes from local regions, and in which the final hash codes of the image are obtained by fusing the local hash codes corresponding to local regions. In addition, we propose a self-similarity loss term to address the imbalance problem (i.e., the number of dissimilar pairs is significantly more than that of the similar ones) of methods based on pairwise similarity.




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Zhou, Q., Nie, X., Shi, Y., Liu, X., & Yin, Y. (2020). Focusing on Detail: Deep Hashing Based on Multiple Region Details (Student Abstract). Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 34(10), 13991-13992.



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