Robust Multi-View Representation Learning (Student Abstract)


  • Sibi Venkatesan Carnegie Mellon University
  • James K. Miller Carnegie Mellon University
  • Artur Dubrawski Carnegie Mellon University



Multi-view data has become ubiquitous, especially with multi-sensor systems like self-driving cars or medical patient-side monitors. We propose two methods to approach robust multi-view representation learning with the aim of leveraging local relationships between views.

The first is an extension of Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) where we consider multiple one-vs-rest CCA problems, one for each view. We use a group-sparsity penalty to encourage finding local relationships. The second method is a straightforward extension of a multi-view AutoEncoder with view-level drop-out.

We demonstrate the effectiveness of these methods in simple synthetic experiments. We also describe heuristics and extensions to improve and/or expand on these methods.




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Venkatesan, S., Miller, J. K., & Dubrawski, A. (2020). Robust Multi-View Representation Learning (Student Abstract). Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 34(10), 13939-13940.



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