Training-Time-Friendly Network for Real-Time Object Detection


  • Zili Liu Zhejiang University
  • Tu Zheng Zhejiang University
  • Guodong Xu Zhejiang University
  • Zheng Yang Fabu Inc.
  • Haifeng Liu Zhejiang University
  • Deng Cai Zhejiang University



Modern object detectors can rarely achieve short training time, fast inference speed, and high accuracy at the same time. To strike a balance among them, we propose the Training-Time-Friendly Network (TTFNet). In this work, we start with light-head, single-stage, and anchor-free designs, which enable fast inference speed. Then, we focus on shortening training time. We notice that encoding more training samples from annotated boxes plays a similar role as increasing batch size, which helps enlarge the learning rate and accelerate the training process. To this end, we introduce a novel approach using Gaussian kernels to encode training samples. Besides, we design the initiative sample weights for better information utilization. Experiments on MS COCO show that our TTFNet has great advantages in balancing training time, inference speed, and accuracy. It has reduced training time by more than seven times compared to previous real-time detectors while maintaining state-of-the-art performances. In addition, our super-fast version of TTFNet-18 and TTFNet-53 can outperform SSD300 and YOLOv3 by less than one-tenth of their training time, respectively. The code has been made available at




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Liu, Z., Zheng, T., Xu, G., Yang, Z., Liu, H., & Cai, D. (2020). Training-Time-Friendly Network for Real-Time Object Detection. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 34(07), 11685-11692.



AAAI Technical Track: Vision