Information Shaping for Enhanced Goal Recognition of Partially-Informed Agents


  • Sarah Keren Harvard University
  • Haifeng Xu Harvard University
  • Kofi Kwapong Harvard University
  • David Parkes Harvard University
  • Barbara Grosz Harvard University



We extend goal recognition design to account for partially informed agents. In particular, we consider a two-agent setting in which one agent, the actor, seeks to achieve a goal but has only incomplete information about the environment. The second agent, the recognizer, has perfect information and aims to recognize the actor's goal from its behavior as quickly as possible. As a one-time offline intervention and with the objective of facilitating the recognition task, the recognizer can selectively reveal information to the actor. The problem of selecting which information to reveal, which we call information shaping, is challenging not only because the space of information shaping options may be large, but also because more information revelation need not make it easier to recognize an agent's goal. We formally define this problem, and suggest a pruning approach for efficiently searching the search space. We demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the suggested method on standard benchmarks.




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Keren, S., Xu, H., Kwapong, K., Parkes, D., & Grosz, B. (2020). Information Shaping for Enhanced Goal Recognition of Partially-Informed Agents. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 34(06), 9908-9915.



AAAI Technical Track: Planning, Routing, and Scheduling