Bursting the Filter Bubble: Fairness-Aware Network Link Prediction


  • Farzan Masrour MSU
  • Tyler Wilson MSU
  • Heng Yan MSU
  • Pang-Ning Tan MSU
  • Abdol Esfahanian MSU




Link prediction is an important task in online social networking as it can be used to infer new or previously unknown relationships of a network. However, due to the homophily principle, current algorithms are susceptible to promoting links that may lead to increase segregation of the network—an effect known as filter bubble. In this study, we examine the filter bubble problem from the perspective of algorithm fairness and introduce a dyadic-level fairness criterion based on network modularity measure. We show how the criterion can be utilized as a postprocessing step to generate more heterogeneous links in order to overcome the filter bubble problem. In addition, we also present a novel framework that combines adversarial network representation learning with supervised link prediction to alleviate the filter bubble problem. Experimental results conducted on several real-world datasets showed the effectiveness of the proposed methods compared to other baseline approaches, which include conventional link prediction and fairness-aware methods for i.i.d data.




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Masrour, F., Wilson, T., Yan, H., Tan, P.-N., & Esfahanian, A. (2020). Bursting the Filter Bubble: Fairness-Aware Network Link Prediction. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 34(01), 841-848. https://doi.org/10.1609/aaai.v34i01.5429



AAAI Technical Track: Applications