Doctor2Vec: Dynamic Doctor Representation Learning for Clinical Trial Recruitment


  • Siddharth Biswal Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Cao Xiao IQVIA
  • Lucas M. Glass IQVIA
  • Elizabeth Milkovits IQVIA
  • Jimeng Sun Georgia Institute of Technology



Massive electronic health records (EHRs) enable the success of learning accurate patient representations to support various predictive health applications. In contrast, doctor representation was not well studied despite that doctors play pivotal roles in healthcare. How to construct the right doctor representations? How to use doctor representation to solve important health analytic problems? In this work, we study the problem on clinical trial recruitment, which is about identifying the right doctors to help conduct the trials based on the trial description and patient EHR data of those doctors. We propose Doctor2Vec which simultaneously learns 1) doctor representations from EHR data and 2) trial representations from the description and categorical information about the trials. In particular, Doctor2Vec utilizes a dynamic memory network where the doctor's experience with patients are stored in the memory bank and the network will dynamically assign weights based on the trial representation via an attention mechanism. Validated on large real-world trials and EHR data including 2,609 trials, 25K doctors and 430K patients, Doctor2Vec demonstrated improved performance over the best baseline by up to 8.7% in PR-AUC. We also demonstrated that the Doctor2Vec embedding can be transferred to benefit data insufficiency settings including trial recruitment in less populated/newly explored country with 13.7% improvement or for rare diseases with 8.1% improvement in PR-AUC.




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Biswal, S., Xiao, C., Glass, L. M., Milkovits, E., & Sun, J. (2020). Doctor2Vec: Dynamic Doctor Representation Learning for Clinical Trial Recruitment. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 34(01), 557-564.



AAAI Technical Track: Applications