Cross-Domain Recommendation via Coupled Factorization Machines


  • Lile Li University of Technology Sydney
  • Quan Do University of Technology Sydney
  • Wei Liu University of Technology Sydney



Data across many business domains can be represented by two or more coupled data sets. Correlations among these coupled datasets have been studied in the literature for making more accurate cross-domain recommender systems. However, in existing methods, cross-domain recommendations mostly assume the coupled mode of data sets share identical latent factors, which limits the discovery of potentially useful domain-specific properties of the original data. In this paper, we proposed a novel cross-domain recommendation method called Coupled Factorization Machine (CoFM) that addresses this limitation. Compared to existing models, our research is the first model that uses factorization machines to capture both common characteristics of coupled domains while simultaneously preserving the differences among them. Our experiments with real-world datasets confirm the advantages of our method in making across-domain recommendations.




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Li, L., Do, Q., & Liu, W. (2019). Cross-Domain Recommendation via Coupled Factorization Machines. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 33(01), 9965-9966.



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