Determining Solvability in the Birds of a Feather Card Game


  • Shuto Araki DePauw University
  • Juan Pablo Arenas Uribe DePauw University
  • Zach Wilkerson DePauw University
  • Steven Bogaerts DePauw University
  • Chad Byers DePauw University



Birds of a Feather is a single-player card game in which cards are arranged in a grid. The player attempts to combine stacks of cards under certain rules, with the goal being to combine all cards into a single stack. This paper highlights several approaches for efficiently classifying whether a randomlychosen state has a single-stack solution. These approaches use graph theory and machine learning concepts to prune a state’s search space, resulting in significant reductions in runtime relative to a baseline search.




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Araki, S., Uribe, J. P. A., Wilkerson, Z., Bogaerts, S., & Byers, C. (2019). Determining Solvability in the Birds of a Feather Card Game. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 33(01), 9627-9634.



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