Cleaning Noisy and Heterogeneous Metadata for Record Linking across Scholarly Big Datasets


  • Athar Sefid Pennsylvania State University
  • Jian Wu Old Dominion University
  • Allen C. Ge Pennsylvania State University
  • Jing Zhao Pennsylvania State University
  • Lu Liu Pennsylvania State University
  • Cornelia Caragea Pennsylvania State University
  • Prasenjit Mitra Pennsylvania State University
  • C. Lee Giles Pennsylvania State University



Automatically extracted metadata from scholarly documents in PDF formats is usually noisy and heterogeneous, often containing incomplete fields and erroneous values. One common way of cleaning metadata is to use a bibliographic reference dataset. The challenge is to match records between corpora with high precision. The existing solution which is based on information retrieval and string similarity on titles works well only if the titles are cleaned. We introduce a system designed to match scholarly document entities with noisy metadata against a reference dataset. The blocking function uses the classic BM25 algorithm to find the matching candidates from the reference data that has been indexed by ElasticSearch. The core components use supervised methods which combine features extracted from all available metadata fields. The system also leverages available citation information to match entities. The combination of metadata and citation achieves high accuracy that significantly outperforms the baseline method on the same test dataset. We apply this system to match the database of CiteSeerX against Web of Science, PubMed, and DBLP. This method will be deployed in the CiteSeerX system to clean metadata and link records to other scholarly big datasets.




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Sefid, A., Wu, J., Ge, A. C., Zhao, J., Liu, L., Caragea, C., Mitra, P., & Giles, C. L. (2019). Cleaning Noisy and Heterogeneous Metadata for Record Linking across Scholarly Big Datasets. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 33(01), 9601-9606.



IAAI Technical Track: Emerging Papers