Artificial Counselor System for Stock Investment


  • Hadi NekoeiQachkanloo University of Waterloo
  • Benyamin Ghojogh University of Waterloo
  • Ali Saheb Pasand University of Waterloo
  • Mark Crowley University of Waterloo



This paper proposes a novel trading system which plays the role of an artificial counselor for stock investment. In this paper, the stock future prices (technical features) are predicted using Support Vector Regression. Thereafter, the predicted prices are used to recommend which portions of the budget an investor should invest in different existing stocks to have an optimum expected profit considering their level of risk tolerance. Two different methods are used for suggesting best portions, which are Markowitz portfolio theory and fuzzy investment counselor. The first approach is an optimization-based method which considers merely technical features, while the second approach is based on Fuzzy Logic taking into account both technical and fundamental features of the stock market. The experimental results on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) show the effectiveness of the proposed system.




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NekoeiQachkanloo, H., Ghojogh, B., Pasand, A. S., & Crowley, M. (2019). Artificial Counselor System for Stock Investment. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 33(01), 9558-9564.



IAAI Technical Track: Emerging Papers