Adaptive Sparse Confidence-Weighted Learning for Online Feature Selection


  • Yanbin Liu University of Technology Sydney
  • Yan Yan University of Technology Sydney
  • Ling Chen University of Technology Sydney
  • Yahong Han Tianjin University
  • Yi Yang University of Technology Sydney



In this paper, we propose a new online feature selection algorithm for streaming data. We aim to focus on the following two problems which remain unaddressed in literature. First, most existing online feature selection algorithms merely utilize the first-order information of the data streams, regardless of the fact that second-order information explores the correlations between features and significantly improves the performance. Second, most online feature selection algorithms are based on the balanced data presumption, which is not true in many real-world applications. For example, in fraud detection, the number of positive examples are much less than negative examples because most cases are not fraud. The balanced assumption will make the selected features biased towards the majority class and fail to detect the fraud cases. We propose an Adaptive Sparse Confidence-Weighted (ASCW) algorithm to solve the aforementioned two problems. We first introduce an `0-norm constraint into the second-order confidence-weighted (CW) learning for feature selection. Then the original loss is substituted with a cost-sensitive loss function to address the imbalanced data issue. Furthermore, our algorithm maintains multiple sparse CW learner with the corresponding cost vector to dynamically select an optimal cost. We theoretically enhance the theory of sparse CW learning and analyze the performance behavior in F-measure. Empirical studies show the superior performance over the stateof-the-art online learning methods in the online-batch setting.




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Liu, Y., Yan, Y., Chen, L., Han, Y., & Yang, Y. (2019). Adaptive Sparse Confidence-Weighted Learning for Online Feature Selection. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 33(01), 4408-4415.



AAAI Technical Track: Machine Learning