Fast Incremental SVDD Learning Algorithm with the Gaussian Kernel


  • Hansi Jiang SAS Institute Inc.
  • Haoyu Wang SAs Institute Inc.
  • Wenhao Hu SAS Institute Inc.
  • Deovrat Kakde SAS Institute Inc.
  • Arin Chaudhuri SAS Institute Inc.



Support vector data description (SVDD) is a machine learning technique that is used for single-class classification and outlier detection. The idea of SVDD is to find a set of support vectors that defines a boundary around data. When dealing with online or large data, existing batch SVDD methods have to be rerun in each iteration. We propose an incremental learning algorithm for SVDD that uses the Gaussian kernel. This algorithm builds on the observation that all support vectors on the boundary have the same distance to the center of sphere in a higher-dimensional feature space as mapped by the Gaussian kernel function. Each iteration involves only the existing support vectors and the new data point. Moreover, the algorithm is based solely on matrix manipulations; the support vectors and their corresponding Lagrange multiplier αi’s are automatically selected and determined in each iteration. It can be seen that the complexity of our algorithm in each iteration is only O(k2), where k is the number of support vectors. Experimental results on some real data sets indicate that FISVDD demonstrates significant gains in efficiency with almost no loss in either outlier detection accuracy or objective function value.




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Jiang, H., Wang, H., Hu, W., Kakde, D., & Chaudhuri, A. (2019). Fast Incremental SVDD Learning Algorithm with the Gaussian Kernel. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 33(01), 3991-3998.



AAAI Technical Track: Machine Learning