AI-Assisted Human Teamwork


  • Sangwon Seo Rice University



Human-AI Collaboration, Computer-Aided Human Decision-Making, Imitation Learning, Teamwork, Multi-agent Systems


Effective teamwork translates to fewer preventable errors and higher task performance in collaborative tasks. However, in time-critical tasks, successful teamwork becomes highly challenging to attain. In such settings, often, team members have partial observability of their surroundings, incur high cost of communication, and have trouble estimating the state and intent of their teammates. To assist a team in improving teamwork at task time, my doctoral research proposes an automated task-time team intervention system. Grounded in the notion of shared mental models, the system first detects whether the team is on the same page or not. It then generates effective interventions to improve teamwork. Additionally, by leveraging past demonstrations to learn a model of team behavior, this system minimizes the need for domain experts to specify teamwork models and rules.




How to Cite

Seo, S. (2024). AI-Assisted Human Teamwork. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 38(21), 23415-23416.