THMA: Tencent HD Map AI System for Creating HD Map Annotations


  • Kun Tang Tencent
  • Xu Cao Tencent New York University
  • Zhipeng Cao Tencent
  • Tong Zhou Tencent
  • Erlong Li Tencent
  • Ao Liu Tencent
  • Shengtao Zou Tencent
  • Chang Liu Tencent
  • Shuqi Mei Tencent
  • Elena Sizikova New York University
  • Chao Zheng Tencent



High-definition Map, Self-driving, Vision Transformer, 3D Point Cloud


Nowadays, autonomous vehicle technology is becoming more and more mature. Critical to progress and safety, high-definition (HD) maps, a type of centimeter-level map collected using a laser sensor, provide accurate descriptions of the surrounding environment. The key challenge of HD map production is efficient, high-quality collection and annotation of large-volume datasets. Due to the demand for high quality, HD map production requires significant manual human effort to create annotations, a very time-consuming and costly process for the map industry. In order to reduce manual annotation burdens, many artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have been developed to pre-label the HD maps. However, there still exists a large gap between AI algorithms and the traditional manual HD map production pipelines in accuracy and robustness. Furthermore, it is also very resource-costly to build large-scale annotated datasets and advanced machine learning algorithms for AI-based HD map automatic labeling systems. In this paper, we introduce the Tencent HD Map AI (THMA) system, an innovative end-to-end, AI-based, active learning HD map labeling system capable of producing and labeling HD maps with a scale of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. In THMA, we train AI models directly from massive HD map datasets via supervised, self-supervised, and weakly supervised learning to achieve high accuracy and efficiency required by downstream users. THMA has been deployed by the Tencent Map team to provide services to downstream companies and users, serving over 1,000 labeling workers and producing more than 30,000 kilometers of HD map data per day at most. More than 90 percent of the HD map data in Tencent Map is labeled automatically by THMA, accelerating the traditional HD map labeling process by more than ten times.




How to Cite

Tang, K., Cao, X., Cao, Z., Zhou, T., Li, E., Liu, A., Zou, S., Liu, C., Mei, S., Sizikova, E., & Zheng, C. (2024). THMA: Tencent HD Map AI System for Creating HD Map Annotations. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(13), 15585-15593.



IAAI Technical Track on deployed Highly Innovative Applications of AI