Towards Safe and Resilient Autonomy in Multi-Robot Systems


  • Wenhao Luo University of North Carolina at Charlotte



New Faculty Highlights


In the near future, autonomous systems such as multi-robot systems are envisioned to increasingly co-exist with hu- mans in our daily lives, from household service to large- scale warehouse logistics, agriculture environment sampling, and smart city. In these applications, robots and humans as networked heterogeneous components will frequently inter- act with each other in a variety of scenarios under uncer- tain, rapidly-changing, and possibly hostile environment. On one hand, harmonious interactions among robots, as well as between robots and humans, would require safe integration (e.g. collision-free close-proximity interactions) of heteroge- neous robots, human, and human-robot autonomy. On the other hand, reliable interactions among autonomous multi- robot systems often call for resilient system integrity (e.g. communication capability with potential robot failures) to re- tain its capability of accomplishing complex tasks through coordinated behaviors. In the proposed talk, I will discuss our recent works towards safe autonomy and resilient autonomy that aim to facilitate correct-by-design robotic behaviors in a variety of applications.




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Luo, W. (2023). Towards Safe and Resilient Autonomy in Multi-Robot Systems. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(13), 15449-15449.