Multimodal Propaganda Processing


  • Vincent Ng University of Texas at Dallas
  • Shengjie Li University of Texas at Dallas



Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science, Text Mining, Machine Learning


Propaganda campaigns have long been used to influence public opinion via disseminating biased and/or misleading information. Despite the increasing prevalence of propaganda content on the Internet, few attempts have been made by AI researchers to analyze such content. We introduce the task of multimodal propaganda processing, where the goal is to automatically analyze propaganda content. We believe that this task presents a long-term challenge to AI researchers and that successful processing of propaganda could bring machine understanding one important step closer to human understanding. We discuss the technical challenges associated with this task and outline the steps that need to be taken to address it.




How to Cite

Ng, V., & Li, S. (2023). Multimodal Propaganda Processing. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(13), 15368-15375.