Zero-Shot Slot Filling with Slot-Prefix Prompting and Attention Relationship Descriptor


  • Qiaoyang Luo University of Adelaide
  • Lingqiao Liu University of Adelaide



SNLP: Information Extraction, SNLP: Language Models


This paper addresses zero-shot slot filling, which tries to build a system that can generalize to unseen slot types without any training data. The key to zero-shot slot-filling is to match the tokens from the utterance with the semantic definition of the slot without training data in the target domain. This paper tackles this problem by devising a scheme to fully leverage pre-trained language models (PLMs). To this end, we propose a new prompting scheme that utilizes both learnable tokens and slot names to guide the model to focus on the relevant text spans for a given slot. Furthermore, we use attention values between tokens to form a feature descriptor for each token, which is motivated by the fact that the attention value in a PLM naturally characterizes various relationships, e.g., syntactic or semantic, between tokens. By further consolidating those features with an additional transformer-based aggregation module, we create a simple-but-effective zero-shot slot filling system that can achieve significantly better performance than the previous methods, as demonstrated by our experimental studies.




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Luo, Q., & Liu, L. (2023). Zero-Shot Slot Filling with Slot-Prefix Prompting and Attention Relationship Descriptor. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(11), 13344-13352.



AAAI Technical Track on Speech & Natural Language Processing