Semi-supervised Learning with Support Isolation by Small-Paced Self-Training


  • Zheng Xie Nanjing University
  • Hui Sun Nanjing University
  • Ming Li Nanjing University



ML: Semi-Supervised Learning


In this paper, we address a special scenario of semi-supervised learning, where the label missing is caused by a preceding filtering mechanism, i.e., an instance can enter a subsequent process in which its label is revealed if and only if it passes the filtering mechanism. The rejected instances are prohibited to enter the subsequent labeling process due to economical or ethical reasons, making the support of the labeled and unlabeled distributions isolated from each other. In this case, semi-supervised learning approaches which rely on certain coherence of the labeled and unlabeled distribution would suffer from the consequent distribution mismatch, and hence result in poor prediction performance. In this paper, we propose a Small-Paced Self-Training framework, which iteratively discovers labeled and unlabeled instance subspaces with bounded Wasserstein distance. We theoretically prove that such a framework may achieve provably low error on the pseudo labels during learning. Experiments on both benchmark and pneumonia diagnosis tasks show that our method is effective.




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Xie, Z., Sun, H., & Li, M. (2023). Semi-supervised Learning with Support Isolation by Small-Paced Self-Training. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(9), 10510-10518.



AAAI Technical Track on Machine Learning IV