Improving Scene Text Image Super-resolution via Dual Prior Modulation Network


  • Shipeng Zhu Southeast University
  • Zuoyan Zhao Southeast University
  • Pengfei Fang Southeast University
  • Hui Xue Southeast University



CV: Low Level & Physics-Based Vision, CV: Applications, CV: Multi-modal Vision, CV: Scene Analysis & Understanding, ML: Applications, ML: Deep Generative Models & Autoencoders, ML: Deep Neural Network Algorithms, ML: Multimodal Learning


Scene text image super-resolution (STISR) aims to simultaneously increase the resolution and legibility of the text images, and the resulting images will significantly affect the performance of downstream tasks. Although numerous progress has been made, existing approaches raise two crucial issues: (1) They neglect the global structure of the text, which bounds the semantic determinism of the scene text. (2) The priors, e.g., text prior or stroke prior, employed in existing works, are extracted from pre-trained text recognizers. That said, such priors suffer from the domain gap including low resolution and blurriness caused by poor imaging conditions, leading to incorrect guidance. Our work addresses these gaps and proposes a plug-and-play module dubbed Dual Prior Modulation Network (DPMN), which leverages dual image-level priors to bring performance gain over existing approaches. Specifically, two types of prior-guided refinement modules, each using the text mask or graphic recognition result of the low-quality SR image from the preceding layer, are designed to improve the structural clarity and semantic accuracy of the text, respectively. The following attention mechanism hence modulates two quality-enhanced images to attain a superior SR result. Extensive experiments validate that our method improves the image quality and boosts the performance of downstream tasks over five typical approaches on the benchmark. Substantial visualizations and ablation studies demonstrate the advantages of the proposed DPMN. Code is available at:




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Zhu, S., Zhao, Z., Fang, P., & Xue, H. (2023). Improving Scene Text Image Super-resolution via Dual Prior Modulation Network. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(3), 3843-3851.



AAAI Technical Track on Computer Vision III