Solving Visual Analogies Using Neural Algorithmic Reasoning (Student Abstract)


  • Atharv Sonwane BITS Pilani
  • Gautam Shroff TCS Research
  • Lovekesh Vig TCS Research
  • Ashwin Srinivasan BITS Pilani
  • Tirtharaj Dash BITS Pilani



Analogical Reasoning, Neural Algorithms, Neurosymbolic Learning


We consider a class of visual analogical reasoning problems that involve discovering the sequence of transformations by which pairs of input/output images are related, so as to analogously transform future inputs. This program synthesis task can be easily solved via symbolic search. Using a variation of the ‘neural analogical reasoning’ approach, we instead search for a sequence of elementary neural network transformations that manipulate distributed representations derived from a symbolic space, to which input images are directly encoded. We evaluate the extent to which our ‘neural reasoning’ approach generalises for images with unseen shapes and positions.




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Sonwane, A., Shroff, G., Vig, L., Srinivasan, A., & Dash, T. (2022). Solving Visual Analogies Using Neural Algorithmic Reasoning (Student Abstract). Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 36(11), 13055-13056.