Socially Intelligent Affective AI


  • Aarti Malhotra University of Waterloo



AI, Emotion, Social, Vision, Decision-making


Artificial Intelligence has aimed to give the systems or agents, the ability to learn, perceive, recognize, plan, reason and act. Affective Computing has brought into focus the importance of giving AI systems, the capability to perceive, detect, utilize and generate emotion, affect, sentiment or feelings. To have a meaningful human-computer interaction, we need to design and develop a more socially intelligent and affective AI. My doctoral research goal is to delve deeper into some of these aspects, firstly by surveying computational models implemented in AI that uses emotion in decision-making or behaviour; secondly, by creating new model to predict social event context and affect in group videos; thirdly, to predict the social identities in visual scenes; and lastly to combine information about context, identities, behaviour and emotion in a social interaction scene to predict social incoherence and to recommend appropriate behaviour.




How to Cite

Malhotra, A. (2022). Socially Intelligent Affective AI. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 36(11), 12888-12889.