Towards an AI-Infused Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Middle-Grade Classrooms


  • Bita Akram North Carolina State University
  • Spencer Yoder North Carolina State University
  • Cansu Tatar North Carolina State University
  • Sankalp Boorugu North Carolina State University
  • Ifeoluwa Aderemi North Carolina State University
  • Shiyan Jiang North Carolina State University at Raleigh



K-12 AI Education, AI-Infused Science Curriculum, Project-Based Learning


As AI becomes more widely used across a variety of disciplines, it is increasingly important to teach AI concepts to K-12 students in order to prepare them for an AI-driven future workforce. Hence, educators and researchers have been working to develop curricula that make these concepts accessible to K-12 students. We are designing and developing a comprehensive AI curriculum delivered through a series of carefully crafted activities in an adapted \emph{Snap!} environment for middle-grade students. In this work, we lay out the proposed content of our curriculum and present the design, development, and implementation results of the first unit of our curriculum that focuses on teaching the breadth-first search algorithm. The activities in this unit have been revised after being piloted with a single high-school student. These activities were further refined after a group of K-12 teachers examined and critiqued them during a two-week professional development workshop. Our teachers created a lesson plan around the activities and implemented that lesson in a summer workshop with 14 middle school students. Our results demonstrated that our activities were successful in helping many of the students in understanding and implementing the algorithm through block-based programming while extra supplementary material was needed to assist some other students. In this paper, we explain our curriculum and technology, the results of implementing the first unit of our curriculum in a summer camp, and lessons learned for future developments.




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Akram, B., Yoder, S., Tatar, C., Boorugu, S., Aderemi, I., & Jiang, S. (2022). Towards an AI-Infused Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Middle-Grade Classrooms. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 36(11), 12681-12688.