Adaptive Global-Local Context Fusion for Multi-Turn Spoken Language Understanding


  • Thanh Tran Amazon
  • Kai Wei Amazon
  • Weitong Ruan Amazon
  • Ross McGowan Amazon
  • Nathan Susanj Amazon
  • Grant P. Strimel Amazon



Multi-turn, Global Local Attention, Dialog Act, Previous Utterance Transcript, Intent Prediction, Slot Filling


Recent years have seen significant advances in multi-turn Spoken Language Understanding (SLU), where dialogue contexts are used to guide intent classification and slot filling. However, how to selectively incorporate dialogue contexts, such as previous utterances and dialogue acts, into multi-turn SLU still remains a substantial challenge. In this work, we propose a novel contextual SLU model for multi-turn intent classification and slot filling tasks. We introduce an adaptive global-local context fusion mechanism to selectively integrate dialogue contexts into our model. The local context fusion aligns each dialogue context using multi-head attention, while the global context fusion measures overall context contribution to intent classification and slot filling tasks. Experiments show that on two benchmark datasets, our model achieves absolute F1 score improvements of 2.73% and 2.57% for the slot filling task on Sim-R and Sim M datasets, respectively. Additional experiments on a large-scale, de-identified, in-house dataset further verify the measurable accuracy gains of our proposed model.




How to Cite

Tran, T., Wei, K., Ruan, W., McGowan, R., Susanj, N., & Strimel, G. P. (2022). Adaptive Global-Local Context Fusion for Multi-Turn Spoken Language Understanding. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 36(11), 12622-12628.