Market Design for Drone Traffic Management


  • Sven Seuken University of Zurich ETH AI Center
  • Paul Friedrich University of Zurich ETH AI Center
  • Ludwig Dierks University of Zurich ETH AI Center Kyushu University



Market Design, Mechanism Design, Game Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-agent Systems, Drones


The rapid development of drone technology is leading to more and more use cases being proposed. In response, regulators are drawing up drone traffic management frameworks. However, to design solutions that are efficient, fair, simple, non-manipulable, and scalable, we need market design and AI expertise. To this end, we introduce the drone traffic management problem as a new research challenge to the market design and AI communities. We present five design desiderata that we have derived from our interviews with stakeholders from the regulatory side as well as from public and private enterprises. Finally, we provide an overview of the solution space to point out possible directions for future research.




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Seuken, S., Friedrich, P., & Dierks, L. (2022). Market Design for Drone Traffic Management. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 36(11), 12294-12300.