Compilation of Aggregates in ASP Systems


  • Giuseppe Mazzotta University of Calabria
  • Francesco Ricca University of Calabria
  • Carmine Dodaro University of Calabria



Knowledge Representation And Reasoning (KRR)


Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a well-known declarative AI formalism for knowledge representation and reasoning. State-of-the-art ASP implementations employ the ground&solve approach, and they were successfully applied to industrial and academic problems. Nonetheless there are classes of ASP programs whose evaluation is not efficient (sometimes not feasible) due to the combinatorial blow-up of the program produced by the grounding step. Recent researches suggest that compilation-based techniques can mitigate the grounding bottleneck problem. However, no compilation-based technique has been developed for ASP programs that contain aggregates, which are one of the most relevant and commonly-employed constructs of ASP. In this paper, we propose a compilation-based approach for ASP programs with aggregates. We implement it on top of a state-of-the-art ASP system, and evaluate the performance on publicly-available benchmarks. Experiments show our approach is effective on ground-intensive ASP programs.




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Mazzotta, G., Ricca, F., & Dodaro, C. (2022). Compilation of Aggregates in ASP Systems. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 36(5), 5834-5841.



AAAI Technical Track on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning