Cross-Dataset Collaborative Learning for Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving


  • Li Wang Xilinx,Inc.
  • Dong Li Xilinx,Inc.
  • Han Liu Xilinx,Inc.
  • JinZhang Peng Xilinx,Inc.
  • Lu Tian Xilinx,Inc.
  • Yi Shan Xilinx,Inc.



Computer Vision (CV), Machine Learning (ML)


Semantic segmentation is an important task for scene understanding in self-driving cars and robotics, which aims to assign dense labels for all pixels in the image. Existing work typically improves semantic segmentation performance by exploring different network architectures on a target dataset. Little attention has been paid to build a unified system by simultaneously learning from multiple datasets due to the inherent distribution shift across different datasets. In this paper, we propose a simple, flexible, and general method for semantic segmentation, termed Cross-Dataset Collaborative Learning (CDCL). Our goal is to train a unified model for improving the performance in each dataset by leveraging information from all the datasets. Specifically, we first introduce a family of Dataset-Aware Blocks (DAB) as the fundamental computing units of the network, which help capture homogeneous convolutional representations and heterogeneous statistics across different datasets. Second, we present a Dataset Alternation Training (DAT) mechanism to facilitate the collaborative optimization procedure. We conduct extensive evaluations on diverse semantic segmentation datasets for autonomous driving. Experiments demonstrate that our method consistently achieves notable improvements over prior single-dataset and cross-dataset training methods without introducing extra FLOPs. Particularly, with the same architecture of PSPNet (ResNet-18), our method outperforms the single-dataset baseline by 5.65\%, 6.57\%, and 5.79\% mIoU on the validation sets of Cityscapes, BDD100K, CamVid, respectively. We also apply CDCL for point cloud 3D semantic segmentation and achieve improved performance, which further validates the superiority and generality of our method. Code and models will be released.




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Wang, L., Li, D., Liu, H., Peng, J., Tian, L., & Shan, Y. (2022). Cross-Dataset Collaborative Learning for Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 36(3), 2487-2494.



AAAI Technical Track on Computer Vision III