ITRIX - an AI Enabled Solution for Orchestration of Recovery Instructions


  • Wanita Sherchan IBM Research Australia
  • Garfield Vaughn IBM Global Technology Services
  • Shaila Pervin IBM Research Australia
  • Bryan Barone IBM Global Technology Services


AI Application, NLP Application, Artificial Intelligence, Text Classification, Disaster Recovery, Resiliency


This paper presents ITRIX (IT Recovery Instructions eXtraction)- a solution that automates the complex manual process of creating executable recovery plans from textual documents describing IT environment disaster recovery procedure. The solution applies natural language processing and deep learning to identify textual content that contain recovery instructions and information relevant to disaster recovery. This enables rapid creation and review of recovery plans resulting in 80% reduction in time taken to generate them.




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Sherchan, W., Vaughn, G., Pervin, S., & Barone, B. (2021). ITRIX - an AI Enabled Solution for Orchestration of Recovery Instructions. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 35(18), 16106-16107. Retrieved from