Software for Agent-based Network Simulation and Visualization


  • Patrick Shepherd University of Kentucky
  • Isaac Batts University of Kentucky
  • Judy Goldsmith University of Kentucky
  • Emory Hufbauer University of Kentucky
  • Mia Weaver University of Kentucky
  • Angela Zhang University of Kentucky



Agent-based Modeling, Temporal Network, Dynamic Network, Network Visualization


We present a network software suite that can model contagions or opinion manipulation in social networks, that combines features from the standard packages and extends them to allow complex, interacting, dynamic topologies, and dynamic heterogeneous agent types, with individual interaction policies. The framework allows for the easy implementation of new agent types, and provides flexible visualization tools to elucidate network behavior over time.




How to Cite

Shepherd, P., Batts, I., Goldsmith, J., Hufbauer, E., Weaver, M., & Zhang, A. (2021). Software for Agent-based Network Simulation and Visualization. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 35(18), 16103-16105.