Model AI Assignments 2021


  • Todd W. Neller Gettysburg College Computer Science
  • Nathan Sprague James Madison University
  • John Maraist University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
  • Lisa Zhang University of Toronto
  • Pouria Fewzee University of Toronto
  • Duri Long Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jonathan Moon Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Brian Magerko Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Alex Leto Colorado School of Mines
  • Toni Lefton Colorado School of Mines
  • Tom Williams Colorado School of Mines



Model AI Assignments


The Model AI Assignments session seeks to gather and disseminate the best assignment designs of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Education community. Recognizing that assignments form the core of student learning experience, we here present abstracts of six AI assignments from the 2021 session that are easily adoptable, playfully engaging, and flexible for a variety of instructor needs. Assignment specifications and supporting resources may be found at




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Neller, T. W., Sprague, N., Maraist, J., Zhang, L., Fewzee, P., Long, D., Moon, J., Magerko, B., Leto, A., Lefton, T., & Williams, T. (2021). Model AI Assignments 2021. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 35(17), 15705-15706.



EAAI Symposium: Model AI Assignment Abstracts