Web-based Platform for K-12 AI Education in China


  • Chao Wu Zhejiang University
  • Yan Li Zhejiang University
  • Junxiang Li Zhejiang University
  • Qiongdan Zhang Zhejiang University
  • Fei Wu Zhejiang University




K-12, Wufei@zju.edu.cn, Web-based AI Platform, AI Education


As human beings are entering the era in which AI be-comes the new engine to drive social, economic, and sci-entific advancement, education is intensively being re-quired to adapt to this trend, to equip current and next generation with necessary knowledge, skills, and think-ing. Although AI education has achieved relative success in universities and cultivated a large number of talents and companies in the past decade, it hasn't made signifi-cant progress in K-12 education. We identify the key challenges as two gaps, one is about transferring practice from university education to K-12 education, and the other is about the inequal distribution of AI educational resources. To fill these gaps and to efficiently facilitate K-12 AI education, especially in countries like China, we designed and implemented a Web-based platform, which as a focal and sharing point of K-12 educational resources to provide essential AI learning and exercising components to both students and instructors. With this platform, we've successfully conducted a series of initial trials and gained positive feedbacks. We believe a wider-range application of the platform will achieve promising results for K-12 AI education.




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Wu, C., Li, Y., Li, J., Zhang, Q., & Wu, F. (2021). Web-based Platform for K-12 AI Education in China. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 35(17), 15687-15694. https://doi.org/10.1609/aaai.v35i17.17848