Knocking in the Game of Gin Rummy


  • Ryzeson C. Maravich Gettysburg College
  • Taylor C. Neller Gettysburg College
  • Todd W. Neller Gettysburg College


Gin Rummy, Imperfect Information Games, Card Games, Linear Regression


We perform an empirical study of Gin Rummy knocking strategies, drawing insight from a population of AI players that vary in both discarding and knocking strategies. For our best performing player, simple linear regression yielded a knocking strategy that both affirmed the features expert players give attention to in making knock decisions, and yet called into question the way such features are conventionally used.




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Maravich, R. C., Neller, T. C., & Neller, T. W. (2021). Knocking in the Game of Gin Rummy. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 35(17), 15600-15606. Retrieved from