Task Aligned Generative Meta-learning for Zero-shot Learning


  • Zhe Liu University of New South Wales
  • Yun Li Unversity of New South Wales
  • Lina Yao University of New South Wales
  • Xianzhi Wang University of Technology Sydney
  • Guodong Long University of Technology Sydney




Transfer/Adaptation/Multi-task/Meta/Automated Learning


Zero-shot learning (ZSL) refers to the problem of learning to classify instances from novel classes (unseen) that are absent in the training set (seen). Most ZSL methods infer the correlation between visual features and attributes to train the classifier for unseen classes. They may have a strong bias towards seen classes during training. Meta-learning has been introduced to mitigate the basis, but meta-ZSL methods are inapplicable when tasks used for training are sampled from diverse distributions. In this regard, we propose a novel Task-aligned Generative Meta-learning model for Zero-shot learning (TGMZ), aiming to mitigate the potentially biased training and to enable meta-ZSL to accommodate real-world datasets that contain diverse distributions. Specifically, TGMZ incorporates an attribute-conditioned task-wise distribution alignment network that projects tasks into a unified distribution to deliver an unbiased model. Our experiments show TGMZ achieves a relative improvement of 2.1%, 3.0%, 2.5%, and 7.6% over state-of-the-art algorithms on AWA1, AWA2, CUB, and aPY datasets, respectively. Overall, TGMZ outperforms competitors by 3.6% in the generalized zero-shot learning (GZSL) setting and 7.9% in our proposed fusion-ZSL setting.




How to Cite

Liu, Z., Li, Y., Yao, L., Wang, X., & Long, G. (2021). Task Aligned Generative Meta-learning for Zero-shot Learning. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 35(10), 8723-8731. https://doi.org/10.1609/aaai.v35i10.17057



AAAI Technical Track on Machine Learning III