Sketch Generation with Drawing Process Guided by Vector Flow and Grayscale


  • Zhengyan Tong Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Xuanhong Chen Shanghai Jiao Tong University Huawei Hisilicon
  • Bingbing Ni Shanghai Jiao Tong University Huawei Hisilicon
  • Xiaohang Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University



Art/Music/Creativity, Applications


We propose a novel image-to-pencil translation method that could not only generate high-quality pencil sketches but also offer the drawing process. Existing pencil sketch algorithms are based on texture rendering rather than the direct imitation of strokes, making them unable to show the drawing process but only a final result. To address this challenge, we first establish a pencil stroke imitation mechanism. Next, we develop a framework with three branches to guide stroke drawing: the first branch guides the direction of the strokes, the second branch determines the shade of the strokes, and the third branch enhances the details further. Under this framework's guidance, we can produce a pencil sketch by drawing one stroke every time. Our method is fully interpretable. Comparison with existing pencil drawing algorithms shows that our method is superior to others in terms of texture quality, style, and user evaluation. Our code and supplementary material are now available at:




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Tong, Z., Chen, X., Ni, B., & Wang, X. (2021). Sketch Generation with Drawing Process Guided by Vector Flow and Grayscale. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 35(1), 609-616.



AAAI Technical Track on Application Domains