Embracing Domain Differences in Fake News: Cross-domain Fake News Detection using Multi-modal Data


  • Amila Silva The University of Melbourne
  • Ling Luo University of Melbourne
  • Shanika Karunasekera The University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Christopher Leckie University of Melbourne




Misinformation & Fake News


With the rapid evolution of social media, fake news has become a significant social problem, which cannot be addressed in a timely manner using manual investigation. This has motivated numerous studies on automating fake news detection. Most studies explore supervised training models with different modalities (e.g., text, images, and propagation networks) of news records to identify fake news. However, the performance of such techniques generally drops if news records are coming from different domains (e.g., politics, entertainment), especially for domains that are unseen or rarely-seen during training. As motivation, we empirically show that news records from different domains have significantly different word usage and propagation patterns. Furthermore, due to the sheer volume of unlabelled news records, it is challenging to select news records for manual labelling so that the domain-coverage of the labelled dataset is maximised. Hence, this work: (1) proposes a novel framework that jointly preserves domain-specific and cross-domain knowledge in news records to detect fake news from different domains; and (2) introduces an unsupervised technique to select a set of unlabelled informative news records for manual labelling, which can be ultimately used to train a fake news detection model that performs well for many domains while minimizing the labelling cost. Our experiments show that the integration of the proposed fake news model and the selective annotation approach achieves state-of-the-art performance for cross-domain news datasets, while yielding notable improvements for rarely-appearing domains in news datasets.




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Silva, A., Luo, L., Karunasekera, S., & Leckie, C. (2021). Embracing Domain Differences in Fake News: Cross-domain Fake News Detection using Multi-modal Data. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 35(1), 557-565. https://doi.org/10.1609/aaai.v35i1.16134



AAAI Technical Track on Application Domains