Action Schema Networks: Generalised Policies With Deep Learning


  • Sam Toyer Australian National University
  • Felipe Trevizan Australian National University; Data61, CSIRO
  • Sylvie Thiébaux Australian National University
  • Lexing Xie Australian National University; Data to Decisions CRC



In this paper, we introduce the Action Schema Network (ASNet): a neural network architecture for learning generalised policies for probabilistic planning problems. By mimicking the relational structure of planning problems, ASNets are able to adopt a weight sharing scheme which allows the network to be applied to any problem from a given planning domain. This allows the cost of training the network to be amortised over all problems in that domain. Further, we propose a training method which balances exploration and supervised training on small problems to produce a policy which remains robust when evaluated on larger problems. In experiments, we show that ASNet's learning capability allows it to significantly outperform traditional non-learning planners in several challenging domains.




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Toyer, S., Trevizan, F., Thiébaux, S., & Xie, L. (2018). Action Schema Networks: Generalised Policies With Deep Learning. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 32(1).