Computer-Assisted Authoring for Natural Language Story Scripts


  • Rushit Sanghrajka Disney Research
  • Wojciech Witoń Disney Research
  • Sasha Schriber Disney Research
  • Markus Gross Disney Research
  • Mubbasir Kapadia Rutgers University, Disney Research



Knowledge Based Systems, Knowledge Representation, Natural Language, Reasoning, Information Extraction, Real-time Systems


In order to assist scriptwriters during the process of story-writing, we have developed a system that can extract information from natural language stories, and allow for story-centric as well as character-centric reasoning. These inferencing capabilities are exposed to the user through intuitive querying systems, allowing the scriptwriter to ask the system questions about story and character information. We introduce knowledge bytes as atoms of information and demonstrate that the system can parse text into a stream of knowledge bytes and use these mentioned reasoning capabilities through logical reasoning.




How to Cite

Sanghrajka, R., Witoń, W., Schriber, S., Gross, M., & Kapadia, M. (2018). Computer-Assisted Authoring for Natural Language Story Scripts. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 32(1).