Selectively Reactive Coordination for a Team of Robot Soccer Champions


  • Juan Pablo Mendoza Carnegie Mellon University
  • Joydeep Biswas Carnegie Mellon University
  • Philip Cooksey Carnegie Mellon University
  • Richard Wang Carnegie Mellon University
  • Steven Klee Carnegie Mellon University
  • Danny Zhu Carnegie Mellon University
  • Manuela Veloso Carnegie Mellon University



Multi-robot coordination, Robot Soccer, Planning and Execution


CMDragons 2015 is the champion of the RoboCup Small Size League of autonomous robot soccer. The team won all of its six games, scoring a total of 48 goals and conceding 0. This unprecedented dominant performance is the result of various features, but we particularly credit our novel offense multi-robot coordination. This paper thus presents our Selectively Reactive Coordination (SRC) algorithm, consisting of two layers: A coordinated opponent-agnostic layer enables the team to create its own plans, setting the pace of the game in offense. An individual opponent-reactive action selection layer enables the robots to maintain reactivity to different opponents. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our coordination through results from RoboCup 2015, and through controlled experiments using a physics-based simulator and an automated referee.




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Mendoza, J. P., Biswas, J., Cooksey, P., Wang, R., Klee, S., Zhu, D., & Veloso, M. (2016). Selectively Reactive Coordination for a Team of Robot Soccer Champions. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 30(1).